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All the answers are in our environment, in the people around us,

in the situations that life brings us.

The gift that brings us to our next tutorial is in front of us.

Just learn to look.

In a practical way, through different techniques (coaching, NLP, etc.)

I will help you develop the appropriate areas to deal successfully with your current processes


Coaching sessions
From a comfortable and cozy space we will identify the objectives and goals toward which you want to go. We will design a program for achieving them short, medium and long term.

Ask yourself:



Where are you ?

How is the life you would want to live ?

What changes will lead to that life ?

What are your passions ?

What makes you feel alive ?



Behind every experience, even if difficult to digest,

there is a new opportunity.

All answers are within you.

Learn to listen to your body, your inner guidance

and love yourself no matter what.

Tomás Gómez Gómez

Yoga and coach

+34 669 768 024 Ibiza


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