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In this section we refer to RAJA YOGA or yoga of the mind. It is one of the most important types of yoga to connect with yourself, to connect to your surroundings and lighting indispensable element according to the sacred texts. There are many methods of meditation, being VIPASSANA MEDITATION one method left BUDHA to humans transcend their KARMA will illuminate, putting the focus on breathing, body sensations and experiences impermanence. Today this style of meditation has become famous worldwide because of its effectiveness and to be the basis of known mindfullness. There are different types of meditation depending on where your attention is placed, like a MANTRA or phrase that generates a trigger sound, energy YANTRAS or drawings that can be MANDALAS to activate different parts of the body, also looking at an external object called trataka in which put your attention on the candle flame and merge with it. After researching this techniques, meditation appears as a fundamental tool to know yourself, understand how you are and how you function in your daily life. With meditation you learn how to use your mind for your own benefit and the benefit of others. Meditation as first benefit generated by digestion of your mental concerns, increases inner peace, helping to lower mental activity, to develop tools to deal with situations more appropriately. It helps to know ourselves, to connect with our feelings. In the yogic tradition, meditation is the ultimate goal as achieving the work of asanas or physical body alignment work. The body prepares the physical to go to the final asana, meditation is positions.

Intended for people with extensive experience in meditation accompanied wishing to meditate in silence, for those who prefer to be guided with clear instructions to get all the benefits of meditation . Including those who have never meditated , they need to lose your mental frenetic activity and find some peace within themselves . Direct benefits are mental digestion of your daily life and create an internal state in which you face your challenges in your daily life more effectively. Studying and practicing different techniques of meditation, adjusted to the personal needs of each moment, ushering in the session to get the benefits of meditation in your daily life

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