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Pranayama or control of prana (energy body) are used in the exercises did yoga with breathing. In classic texts of yoga Hatha Yoga PRADIPIKA of BIHAR SCHOOL, speak you have to be master breathing techniques as Anuloma-VILOMA, which balances the nervous system before starting the physical sequences, to prepare the body. There are several types known as pranayama or breathing fire Kapalabhati as the name suggests, means the activation of the head, Bhastrika or bellows breathing to increase oxygen levels in the body, Ujjayi for concentration and mental calm, too are withholding or apneas, complete yogic breaths and others. All pranayamas affect different areas of the body and mind, activating dreams, disabling mental intensity and many other benefits. Performing a controlled work you can learn to use the breath as your ally in everyday life. In meditation breathing how to anchor this is used. As an element of observation of life and death. Breathing is responsible for the intake of O2 and CO2 emission, to create chemical reactions for the body to function properly. Pranayama research and its benefits, we begin to discover that with it we can regulate our emotions, anchor ourselves in this, activate the self-healing processes of the body, massaging our bodies internally. It is a basic regulator of all the inner workings of the body is through breathing, where we find the connection between body and mind. The yogic tradition tells that we have a specific number of breaths in our life, thus regulating our breath ... lengthen life. In these sessions we will work with breathing exercising different scope with different objectives, bringing these to your respiratory system is in an optimal state and can perform bodily functions properly and feel in your body the benefit of adequate oxygenation of the body , in turn activating the evacuation of toxins produced by the lungs, these benefits feeling physically and mentally.

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