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Returning to the TRADITIONAL YOGA and making a general encuadrarnos pass for a current frame. The YOGA as part of study covers four types of yoga directed toward the spiritual path or lighting. Hatha Yoga (physical yoga) whose most basic meaning is the body-mind through the body and this, a preparation of the body for meditation or RAJA YOGA (mental yoga) connection through the mind union.

Another type is the Karma Yoga (yoga of action) which work is done selflessly to dissolve the ego. Bhakti yoga YOGA for devotional and mystical people is the way of love yoga and Jnana Yoga (yoga of knowledge or wisdom) based on the study of sacred texts.

We focus on Hatha Yoga is the most popular type of yoga in Europe. Sequences of postures are performed for a physical and mental benefits. Hatha Yoga classes are sequences of various postures, putting focus on the mental state of implementation of the positions.

The Hatha Yoga in India is traditionally taught from master to student. Krishnamacharya appears as "the father of modern yoga" Hatha Yoga taught his disciples. In his teachings different advantaged students with their individual styles come from Asian borders out, and expanded by the planet how Ashtanga Yoga by Pattabhi Jois, with various levels of fixed sequences you learn and repeat, with specific pranayamas, to develop your body and mind through repetition. Iyengar Yoga created by B.K.S. Iyengar method focuses on how to properly align the body and finding the therapeutic side of this technique. Another style of yoga to consider is the KUNDALINI YOGA, using all the techniques available how voice, display, all kinds of pranayamas and postures for the activation energy passing through the column and reach the connection with God.

Being these styles the basis of my work and personal research, and nutriéndome them all at different stages of my life, I call my session THERAPEUTIC YOGA because I mix sequences, pick up the various tools of each style, I integrate and adjust Lunches the person to their mental-physical optimization, observation and digestion of their emotions and get a healthy posture to help you in daily life.


My Yoga sessions are intended for people from an optimum level of health, who enjoy the benefits of a yoga practice to maintain an active welfare state, to those who want to be optimized in any physical-emotional area who are practicing. Including people with a level of health lowest wanting to recover injuries, or "chronic" conditions, to generate a welfare state out of pain and optimizing the quality of life.

Considering the sessions structural recovery of the body, emotional work, developing what your body needs to find the internal and external balance. We will work with postures that stimulate the organs and produce benefits at all levels. Open the body for blood to flow freely and remove the tensions that causes the body to malfunction. We strengthen the weak areas, and release the tension areas. Making a comprehensive development involving the whole body.

Energy going through physically demanding sessions, other softer, more passive, depending on individual needs.

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Yoga and coach

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