Meditation helps digest mental processes,

it brings a more positive internal dialogue and regulates its intensity.

Connect with your inner strength and your own potential

and find that safe space within you.

Learning to meditate


Through simple instructions in touch with your own feelings

and enjoy from day one of the benefits of meditation.



Meditation to silence


Sessions focused towards the inner silence

and the discovery of deep creativity.



Meditation in couple 


We apply Tantric meditation exercises headed to finding the connection between male and female polarities.

Designed for couples who want to experience

deeper connection states.



Meditation in movement


Reaching a deep meditative state is possible

through movement as well .

It is an easy alternative to integrate for beginners and for those who want to continue investigating new ways to meditate .



Musical meditation 


Sessions are accompanied with atmospheric live.

Through the musical vibrations

it helps the approach of different internal states of consciousness and inner healing.

Tomás Gómez Gómez

Yoga and coach

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