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Music sessions


The music changes the vibrations of the brain.

Use this nice item to the ear, which generates multiple benefits for your body and your mind. From environmental music sessions for dinners, events.

A therapeutic sessions with Didgeredoo, bowls, etc...

Personal or group sessions with Didgeredoo
It connects with the group and through the vibratory sound of
Didgeredoo ( instrument of Australian Aborigines ),
will make a sound vibration which will take you on a personal journey
through your physical sensations.
Sessions with bowls
Sessions with quartz bowls or metal.
Flamenco chill out
Flamenco chill sessions, perfect for dinners,
events where you want to create a pleasant atmosphere to accompany the evening.
Static Dance Sessions
DJ sessions in which they go through various musical moments of joy,
introversion, a gift to the body, to dance, for self-expression through movement.

Tomás Gómez Gómez

Yoga and coach

+34 669 768 024 Ibiza


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